ARRI cforce plus

Strong enough to move the geared rings of any standard lens in a very fast, smooth and pleasant manner, the cforce plus features twin LBUS connectors that allow up to three cforce motors to be daisy-chained in a row.

With the cforce plus, productions are no longer restricted to lightweight configurations with the ALEXA Mini, but can also build the camera up into a studio configuration with a bigger prime or zoom lens.

The cforce plus offers various rod-to-rod mounting options known from the CLM-4 motor, including a Hill Bracket rosette, as well as the standard rod bracket for maximum flexibility on set. The standard rod clamp includes a hinge for convenient mounting when the camera is already configured.

As well as integrating directly with the ALEXA Mini, the cforce plus connects to ARRI’s AMC-1 and UMC-4 motor controllers for camera-independent setups. It is fully compatible with LBUS-compatible cmotion devices.

In certain setups, e.g. with low battery power or stiff lenses, cforce motors require an additional power supply directly to the motors when controlled by the UMC-4 or ALEXA Mini.

See recommended cables bellow:
K2.0006757 Cable LBUS to D-Tap 1.2m/4ft LPS-7-01
K2.0006758 Cable LBUS to D-Tap 0.8m/2.5ft LPS-7

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